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Standard Prices: Susanne Garside PhD 

English, French and German
Basic and Intermediate

£ 20/hr
  • Individual tuition:
  • Beginners and
  • Intermediate
  • Basic conversation and Holiday

Going further with English, French and German

£ 25/hr
  • Individual tuition:
  • Advanced conversation
  • Business
  • Intensive grammar:  English and French

Public Language Courses
Fees depend on size of group

£ Various/hr
  • English for Beginners
  • English for Intermediate Students
  • English for Advanced Students
  • IELTS Exam Preparation

Translation Services
from source documents

£ 1.06-1.24/line

1.20€ - 1.40€ pro Zeile (Quellentext)
    Learn German with private tutor, Susanne Garside PhD

    Learn German

    Learn French - Susanne Garside, Private Tutor, Northamptonshire

    Learn French

    English-German ITI Certified Translator

    Professional English-German Translator

    About Susanne Garside PhD, tutor and translator

    About Susanne Garside PhD